Well…been a long time since i wanted to find a place to jot down all the incoherent ramblings that keep passing back and forth in my mind.. I’ve always felt for a long time that there are actually two of us inside ma mind…and they seem to love to keep chattering on and on to each other. Now i can vent the frustration these two characters cause me in this space!!

Coming to the name…dipsicdude…since the inspiration behind this name(and this blog) is that philosopher and spiritual leader par excellence, Rivas, i thought il say somethin about one of his other ideas…probably an idea u hav come across plenty of times b4…but…with the name Kami Electronics??

The other day, wen we were on our way to Toonz, Camp…the rick stopped at a traffic light. Though it was a junction, not a single car was crossin anywher…So, this obviously set our leader thinking..Y dont any of the cars cross?????? COz….no one else is doin it…Wow!! aint that gr8???

So…as the idea bore fruit…and as he took me on a looong walk on M.G Road (without tellin me we had crossed toonz already)…By the time i was hot and sweating, we had just passed by Kami Electronics…and i wuz dyin for the promised land (in this case, that chilled Foster’s i was promised)… But the idea made sense..

The olde question again…Why the heck do we not do things coz others aren’t…or to be more precise…Why do we do things coz others are??? I keep wonderin…do we set our own priorities, or do we just assume that since everybody else are doing things that seem important, they must be prioritized??

Well,…..i just dont feel like sayin anythin more on this…signin off…..and get dipsic!!