Reposting an old review on one of my favorite films of the last decade in any language.

This is an almost genius piece of film making. Dileesh Pothen’s ‘Maheshinte Prathikaram’ brought Fahad Faasil back into the fold in a big way but it was a movie which grew on me, after being a little underwhelmed by it on first viewing. But here, he grips you from the start and never really lets go till the end credits roll.

Fahad Faasil continues his fine form, but I would consider him to be more of an admirable supporting foil here. The movie’s main protagonists are the couple played by Suraj Venjaramoodu and newcomer Nimisha Sajayan. After a realistically humorous mix up on first meet, they have a furtive romance before tying the knot. While traveling in a bus, a thief (Fahad Faasil) is caught in the act of stealing her gold necklace. While she is adamant that she saw him gulping it down, he protests his innocence to the police.

In fact, I would say it is the scenes at the police station that elevates this film to another level completely. The brilliance of the narration is in the way it makes everything seem so utterly realistic, and yet peppy and satirically humorous in its enactment on screen. The police officers here are not black or white, but like most people occupy the gray area in between. While genuinely wanting to help resolve the conflict here, they also cannot help but try to twist things to suit their perspective at various points in the story. The resolution when it eventually comes is probably the best they could have done with this wacky beautiful film.

Performances are uniformly brilliant. Suraj Venjaramoodu has been finally stepping away from his trademark buffoonery act in recent times, but this has to be one of his finest roles. The utter realism he brings to screen of a common man stuck in a little bit of a muddle and trying his best to resolve it is exemplary. Nimisha Sajayan maybe a newcomer, but she seems perfect for this – again a realistic blend of spunk and sass, yet vulnerable to the events around her. Suraj’s chemistry, both with her and with Fahad Faasil is another clincher – it couldn’t be better. The police officers, led by Alencier Ley, are all obviously fine actors who have got roles to shine and grab the opportunity.

Movies like this don’t come along often. When they do, they deserve every accolade and recognition they get. A must MUST watch.